From the Laptop of: Marquiste Boyce
    Location: Cebu, Philippines
    About: Me, who quit my 6-figure job, packed up my bags, and moved to a foreign country where I couldn't speak the language…

    How I travel for weeks and still get paid

    A year ago, I decided to take a 5-week vacation to paradise.

    No suits. No meetings. No business (well, I spend 1 hour per day on my internet business while traveling — the rest runs in the background). 

    I stayed at the tallest building in the city on the beach island, while eating street food and going deep on culture and design. 

    Here’s how this happened... 

    One year prior that this, when I was still working my 9-5, the bosses decided to build a remote office in the Philippines. Of course this was to save money and reduce the workforce back home.(aka lay people off)

    I was sent there (along with my manager) for a few weeks to help train up the new team.

    I instantly fell in love with the place. It was completely beautiful. Some of the bluest water you ever seen in your life...

    That was the good news.

    The bad news was that the trip was extremely stressful. My manager and I were under very tight deadlines to train this new team to allow us to meet a client demand. 

    It was so bad, one day on the beach...I caught my manager sitting near the water by herself, in tears. The stress of the job was getting so bad, that she couldn't even enjoy the beautiful view in front of her.

    I remember telling myself the last night of the trip..."I will be back here a year from now to truly enjoy this place, as a free entrepreneur"

    (I actually shot a video of me that last night, you can check it out here)

    A year later...I was back in the Philippines just as I said, but this time...I was free.

    If you remember from earlier, I had just resigned from my 9-5 to focus completely on growing my own business.

    Fortunately, the major aspects of my business are automated, and don't require my physical presence, at all.

    I spent the entire month island hoppin', hanging out with my former co-workers (who were now all my local friends) and making memories I'll never forget!
    For most people, taking a month off from their business would mean zero leads and sales...

    But because I had a system in place...

    Look what I came back home to... 
    Tons of leads, sales rollin' in and my business was still growing without me!

    Enough about that. Now, let me show the system that I use...
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